Our Story


Friends for many years, we had a lot in common — great jobs, families, and love for the fine things in life. We always found ourselves talking about these beautiful home goods that we would find during our travels. It became a passion of ours.

Throughout these years we always made mention of leaving our corporate jobs at the same time. The joke was that whoever quits first the other will follow. And that’s exactly how it happened. All within about 15 minutes. We haven’t looked back since that day.

Years of juggling motherhood, each with two kids, along with our professional careers, we weren’t exactly sure what our next chapter would be. All too familiar with the struggle of work/life/family balance, we knew we had specific ideas that we would set out to accomplish. To exercise our need to nurture, for starters.

Through many truly great life experiences, and now as mothers, we clearly felt a definitive shift in our priorities, and our goals. In how we wanted to spend our time and affect our community, and what our “life’s work” should be about. It wasn’t even a question.

The focus of our next endeavor would be empowering (less fortunate) women, and children, and craftswomen and artisans. Ultimately using our own abilities in business to give back. Above all, our commitment to infusing positivity and heartfelt works into the world would be our north star – our guiding light.

Connected to a cause that inspires us, we knew our business would revolve around the sanctuary of Home. With Family, sense of well-being, our love of adventure, and our appreciation for true craftsmanship —and all things made with loving hands— each as key components of the space we wanted to be in. We will strive to help affect people’s mindfulness and the importance of living a “present” life. Filled with optimism.

Ultimately, our roots motivated our desire to help smaller artisan workers throughout the world. And our connections have initially lead us to Turkey and the wonders of Peshtemal cotton. Our aspirations are to offer handcrafted & hand-selected products from around the globe, made with love at the center (not profits). Soft goods and home decor made to beautify your space, illicit smiles and warmth inside and out.

After all, Home is Where the Soul Breathes