Our Purpose & Passion

Our Purpose and Passion
embracing our 'nature to nurture', to shine a light which affects a movement that can definitively improve the lives of Women and Children.

Via Seven is built on the premise that we all must do our part, for now and for future generations, to help establish priorities and align values to impact today's incredibly challenging world. We believe that uplifting & empowering Women, and their Children, can make significant strides, creating a true ripple effect which will affect generations to come.

While our business model is extraordinary towels and soft goods for the home, it is our culture and values - rooted in fostering positivity, health, serenity, and love - which inspire and drive us.

With every purchase we support charities benefiting Women and Children of all walks of life. Initiatives spanning freedom from physical violence, maternal health, child nutrition, equitable access, education, disability, and displacement - we will always look to support causes, communities, and charities which align with our 'nature to nurture' philosophy.

Find out more about our Partners for Change. And always know that your relationship with us will always benefit some of the most important causes existing in our modern world. And if we all do our little part to continually chip away at these inequities - together - we can make a real difference.