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Our Cause New

Empower Women, Change the World.
If not us, now, then who and when?

We believe that empowering women is the fastest path to achieving a harmonious world. A world with less violence and hate, with more love, affection, and compassion; with health and safety and a platform to prosper paramount.

Via Seven was created to alleviate abuse, poverty & the discrimination cycle among women, through global awareness and artisan partnerships. We help employ dozens of marginalized women at fair trade wages to give them access to safe employment, sustainable income, quality education & healthcare, and a real opportunity to break a pattern of inferiority for themselves and their children.





Please join us in raising awareness and affecting a movement across a variety of initiatives including pay inequality, hunger and famine, discrimination, abuse & sexual assault, domestic violence, reproduction, family-work conflicts, leadership, and more. Each year we will rally around organizations committed to supporting causes which share our philosophy of putting Women and Children first. Help us lead a charge, through mindfulness and meaning, as our generation begins to put the “greater good” at the root of our decisions.