7 Essentials

Via Seven began as a manifestation grounded in our belief of the human spirit, of true happiness, and of how habits & rituals can have an instrumental effect on our moments and our lives. With that as our foundation, we built our list of "7 Essentials". We believe that when we as humans focus on and properly prioritize these "7", life gets better. We feel more charged/energized, we're more generous, more connected & balanced, more loving, and more enriched. And when our perspectives are in proper focus, we consistently impact the world in a positive manner.


You've heard "home is where the heart is", but we believe "home is where the heart lives">. Whether 'home' is taken literally as the four walls you live inside, or if 'home' means wherever you feel "at home" - embraced, safe, sound, and in the company of love - it's about being in that space, mental or physical, where we're most at peace.

We carry products for the home, however our philosophy regarding home truly transcends the physical space. It's about comfort and love, and warmth. An essence that you can feel within any surrounds, but most often consumes you when you're nestled in at home.


Our roots. Our oldest and most vested relationship. Our circle of strength. For most of us, nothing is this world gives us that special feeling that family does. Trust, loyalty and unconditional love are monumental anchors to happiness and tranquility. For us, everything we do on this earth takes into account our family. Whether it's for our family, with our family, or about our family, not many things exist as a greater priority for us. We believe being family is more about behavior than blood. Taking pride in taking care of one another, building up courage & confidence, sharing, protecting, defending, and reminiscing about yesteryear... it all speaks to the significance of family and the magnitude of these relationships.

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.


Often times our deepest adult connections, friends are our lifeblood. Friends are the people we can do anything with and nothing with, and never feel out of place. We rely on, we confide in, we laugh, we dance, we debate, we love. Friends our the individuals we've chosen - to spend time with, to create memories with, to enjoy our life's experiences with. They're the people in life who we smile more when we're around, who we laugh a bit louder with, who we feel more energized by. And in our times of greatest need, whether distraught, distressed or grieving, we lean on our friends as our anchor, our rock. Our Soulmates without the romance.


For some it's the relinquishing of stress and responsibilities, for others it's the excitement of newness and adventure. Regardless, we all feel empowered when we're traveling. New places bring new feelings. New experiences bring a sense of adventure. New people make life a journey. We believe travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Filling our memory banks with stories and experiences which touch the soul, the heart, the mind, and the spirit. As Rumi says, "Travel brings power and love back to your life". We promote the philosophy to consume the world with an insatiable appetite. Few things are so rewarding.


Aligned with our "Greater Good" philosophy, for us it's a no-brainer; being connected to Community is critical to our well-being. It gives us a true sense of purpose. A togetherness that's bigger than our inner-circles. Shared experiences & common goals that transcend any one person's good fortune. Being part of a community makes and keeps us whole.


Much like a chain, we are as strong as our weakest link. This concept exemplifies our philosophy when it comes to helping the world around us. While we are all guilty of getting wrapped up in our own lives, it's imperative that w continuously strive to make an impact with those in need. As a women-owned business we've chosen to support charities and causes that directly h please women and children in need. All that matters is that we ALL are doing our part, no matter how big or how small, to help those less fortunate. And atop the feel-good that comes with it, today more and more scientific evidence continues to prove that helping others directly benefits our own health, makes us happier, and even helps us live longer. We think it's no coincidence.

Life Lived Well

Many of us tend to enjoy the finer things in life. At Via Seven we believe that we all must consistently take moments and pick our spots to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Whether it's an evening out, a gourmet dinner, an extravagant vacation, or a fine Turkish Towel (hint-hint), giving ourselves permission to enjoy some of the finer things that life has to offer can do wonders for our spirit. And the positivity that can come from such rewards often gets interjected back into the world. Almost as a form of paying it forward. We believe these "finer instances" can lead to greater generosity, more consideration & caring, more hope and more love.