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PeshMETAL Skulls Towel

PeshMETAL Skulls Towel

$ 47.00

Your vintage “1986 Stadium Tour” shirt may be lost to Father Time, but fear not...Via Seven’s PeshMETAL peshtemal, complete with white skulls on black base, screams “Hard Rock” but your softer side will love the warmth provided by the hand-loomed, flat-woven, 100% highest quality cotton.

Nostalgia runs thick through our veins at Via Seven, and this badass skull peshtemal was inspired during one particularly epic walk down Musical Memory Lane. While your cassette tapes and CDs collect dust and your phone is your source for tunes, let the PeshMETAL peshtemal serve as a reminder that rock and roll will never die! 


  • 100% Finest cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • Hand-loomed and flat-woven
  • Fair Trade
  • Black 
  • Badass
  • 63" x 35"

Care Instructions: 

Machine wash on cool, and tumble dry on low heat. Via Seven Peshtemal is colorfast and becomes more absorbent with each wash. 

*Please note: Since each Peshtemal is carefully hand crafted, measurements may vary slightly from the description.