At Via Seven, a large part of our business is conducted online through our website. Everything from introducing customers and “lookers” to the wonderful world of Turkish cotton to understanding Who We Are and the Causes that are important to us. We love our website (and we hope you do, too!) but we also love every opportunity to “hit the ground” and meet our fans face to face. Hearing their stories, learning how they’re using their peshtemals in fun, creative ways, and educating them on the added benefits never gets old. That’s one of the reasons we love going to trade fairs and trade shows.

One of questions we hear over and over at these events, though, is “How come I’ve never heard of this before? These towels are just sooooo soft!”

And it's a great question.

The main reason you may never have heard of Turkish cotton or peshtemal before is that it is still quite new to the United States. Everyone has the standard, run-of-the-mill terrycloth towels, and they’ve had for as long as they can remember.

Then comes the next question: “Have you ladies talked to [their favorite store in town] about selling these there? They would go perfectly with what they have.”

Again, we love this question, and we love meeting our brick-and-mortar brothers and sisters.

Currently, we sell Via Seven products in a handful of stores, and we are working diligently to introduce ourselves and Via Seven to as many different retailers as we can. We relish the opportunity to show off our wares, get creative with how they could be displayed in a store, and see how they can complement the retailers’ current inventory.

During these visits, we often talk about what makes Via Seven different from “other” Turkish towels and peshtemals. Here are just a few of the key things that make Via Seven proud to say “Home: Where the soul breathes.”

Turkish cotton difference

Terrific Turkish Cotton

Turkish Cotton is special. Italy has its wine. France its bread and cheese. Turkey has its cotton. Responsible for over 40% of the world’s organic cotton, Turkey has led the way in cotton for over a thousand years. The beauty of organic Turkish cotton is that it is not only excellent for the environment, but since it isn’t raised with toxic fertilizers, the end product is something that is healthy for the people producing the cotton and the earth.

Turkish cotton also stands out from other international cottons because of its flat weave. The benefits of a flat weave include:

  • The towels are thinner, which makes them incredibly portable.
  • They’re lightweight.
  • The long fibers in the flat weave make the towels amazingly absorbent.
  • Thin Turkish cotton towels absorb moisture quickly and dry quickly, even in humid environments.

Those are some of the functional differences that make the 100% Turkish cotton peshtemal so unique. But another aspect of them is the wide variety of colors, designs, and styles that are available. Throw in the fact that Via Seven peshtemal towels are handmade (and we personally know our suppliers!), and you start to see how we’re different.

Peshtemal towels add flair and diverse color palettes to any room, and our happiest customers often report back to us that their houseguests usually love them so much that they go out and buy themselves a few peshtemals once they get that’s viral marketing!

Via Seven and OEKO TEX: Driven by Excellence

To say that we’re passionate about our textiles is….not enough! We LIVE for our textiles. In fact, we love our textiles so much that our suppliers endured months of product audits and inspections in 2017 to receive the much sought after, but hard-to-receive OEKO TEX® Certification.

This certification means that our products have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are chemical and pesticide free. So things like lead, mercury, carcinogenic dyes, and other nasty chemicals and compounds that hurt people and the environment are nowhere to be found in Via Seven textiles!

“So, how is OEKO TEX different than organic?”

Other Turkish towels may use cotton that is organically grown, but that doesn’t mean the cotton isn’t later treated with harsh chemicals. The certification is also something we have to re-certify for every year, ensuring our high standards are maintained year in and year out. By having OEKO TEX® Certification, we’re able to confidently say that our textiles are a cut above the rest from start to finish, and they’re better for mother nature and our producers.

turkish cotton processing - OEKO TEX

Your ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything Towels’

Some things can be told, but others are longing to be experienced. Such is the case with Via Seven’s 100% Turkish cotton peshtemal towels. From friends to houseguests to fellow beach goers, everyone immediately falls in love with them.

Thin and light enough to pack in a bag and head out the door for an impromptu beach day or picnic, and warm enough to throw over your shoulders as the sun sets, you’ll find so many reasons why this is your must have towel.

go anywhere do anything towel

Retail Partnerships

At Via Seven, we’re always interested in talking to other retailers to help them meet their clients’ needs, demands, and tastes. We have found that our brand values, our philosophy, and our commitment to quality resonates with our clients and partners alike. We are excited to bring the joy of peshtemal to as many people as we can.

To learn more about our wholesale partnerships, please reach out to us at bahar @