I know I’m not alone when I say, “How is it July already!?” It seems like summer has barely started, yet the 4th of July creeps closer and closer. Don’t you just wish these summer weeks could slow down?? We do, too. But until we can figure out some way to slow time, its best to take advantage of the warm days and relaxing nights of summer while we can.

We’re over the moon about our new beach items this year, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Also, be sure to read the whole blog so you can make sure your little summer camper is prepared before he or she packs her truck and heads off for a summer of fun!

On The Road Again

There are few things more quintessentially American than the summer road trip. Packing the car until its nearly bursting, making that perfect playlist, and hitting the open road with family or friends is as American as apple pie.

This summer, Via Seven is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Road Trip peshtemal beach towel. Road Trip was inspired by the journey of a road trip as much as the destination. Available in pink and blue and covered in playful palm trees and pineapples, Road Trip is the perfect companion as you cruise through back roads and interstates in search of the perfect place to take a break and stretch out.

Before you make it to your beach destination, this 100% finest cotton beach towel is ideal for detours to mountain streams and waterfalls. And because its flat-woven, it won’t take up much room in your car and it dries extremely fast. No more bulky, damp, mildewy towels sitting on top of your luggage!

Pineapples and Piña Coladas

What trip to the beach would be complete without freshly sliced pineapple and a refreshing piña colada? For the Via Seven team, pineapple reminds us of tropical destinations near and far. Sweet and exotic and deliciously juicy, we knew we wanted to make something special as a tribute to this oh-so-summertime fruit.

With that in mind, it didn’t take us long to dream up what would soon become the Tropicana beach towel. Measuring a comfortable 63" x 35", this Fair Trade and Oeko-Tex Certified towel features wide blue and peach stripes and a larger-than-life pineapple. The hand-tied fringe on either end of the towel give it a whimsical, ukulele-song-ready vibe.

Fresh From the Vine

If pineapple evokes images of white sand beaches and luaus, then watermelon is right up there with images of picnics, parades, and juice-covered faces! Long a staple at cookouts and potlucks around the country, watermelon holds a sacred place at summertime meals.

Refreshing and bright with its iconic seeds, the watermelon is a fitting design for another of our newest summer beach towel collections.

Watermelon Peshtemal Towel

Introducing the Watermelon towel, this 100% Turkish cotton peshtemal will turn heads at beach days and picnics this summer. This large towel has the deep pink body of a pineapple with playful black seeds and is trimmed with mint green and white borders. Flat-woven and super light, the Watermelon towel is ideal for your beach bag, picnic basket, and evening shawl.

And should it get covered in watermelon juice, a quick wash and tumble dry will leave it fresh and softer than ever.

Soft Like a Summer Rain

It isn’t summer until a rainy day comes along to remind us how much we love that sweet sunshine! Summer rain is welcome after consecutive hot days, and it is always nice to have an excuse to curl up inside with a warm mug of tea and a book.

Whether it's raining or not, Via Seven’s new Raindrop towel is ready for whatever you throw at it. Brighter than a rainy day and still inspired by the gray hues of rain clouds, Raindrop captures the imagination of adults and kids alike with its tasteful gray background and contrasting bright white raindrops. Both ends of the towel feature a lemon yellow stripe and hand-woven fringe.  

If you happen to find yourself caught outside during a sudden downpour this summer, you’ll be thankful that the lightweight 100% finest Turkish cotton easily fits in your bag so you can dry off in a hurry! Oh, and did we mention that Raindrop—like all of our Turkish towels—dries insanely fast?

Have You Packed for your Little Campers Yet?

The ever-present summer camp Packing List is one item that fills soon-to-be-campers with excitement and parents with dread. “How is she going to fit all of that in that one truck?!”

This summer, send your camper off in style with a Via Seven beach towel. Not only are all of our towels insanely cute, but they’re incredibly functional—especially at camp.

summer camp and via seven

Before your camper even leaves the house, breathe a sigh of relief when you realize just how flat you can fold the towel. Unlike traditional terrycloth towels, Via Seven’s peshtemal towels aren’t bulky or heavy, so they won’t take up as much room in your camper’s trunk.

Once your little one has moved into her bunk, she’ll be happy that the towel she used to shower this morning is dry as a bone this afternoon, thanks to the flat-woven nature of her towel. So while her bunkmates complain about damp, mildewy towels, she’ll skip off to the lake for a quick dip, knowing that her towel will be dry again next time she needs it!

And finally, when the warmth of the campfire isn’t quite enough, she can wrap herself snugly in her versatile peshtemal as she sings campfire songs with her fellow campers and watches fireflies off in the distance.

Come to think of it….can we please go to summer camp!?

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