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Warm days. Cool nights. Light sweaters. Pumpkin patches. Pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin...anything! Fall is in the air, and as we usher out the last days of summer and embrace the changing leaves and shorter days of fall, the team at Via Seven has put together your ultimate fall decorating guide. Just as spring cleaning is a concept we’re all too familiar with, ringing in fall is special in its own right. Fall is the perfect time of year to break out some of those earth tone home decor items, throw a few extra blankets on the sofa, and embrace a new season!

Room By Room

Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet. The warm sunshine that we longed for all winter and spring has outworn its welcome. This time of year, we’re ready for a change in the weather, and one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the impending season switch is to get your house ready for autumn.


Out of all the rooms in a home, bathrooms have so much potential! The beauty of bathrooms is that no one expects the bathroom decor to blow them away. That’s why it is so great (and easy) to freshen it up for fall. Swap out the “sea breeze” scented candles with mulled spices or even apple scented candles. No need to change a shower curtain for the fall, but don’t be afraid to add some fall flair to your hand and bath towels.

bathroom decor for fall

For your towels, earth tones are always on point for fall. But if the browns and burnt oranges aren’t quite your style, add some extra life to the room with some pink or yellow hand towels neatly draped over the towel rack or by the sink. The contrasting colors fit well with just about any decor, and they will welcome you and your guests to your bathroom oasis. This season, we’re especially fond of the Stripes All the Way towel in gray. Subtle and soft, this towel goes with any bathroom.


If you’ve ever entertained at your home, chances are no matter what you do, people want to congregate in the kitchen! We can’t really blame them, though...after all, the kitchen is generally where all the action is happening. Appetizers are being plated, decadent aromas float from the oven and stove top, and the conversation is always lively.

By themselves, kitchens are stand-alone statement pieces. From your counter tops to your appliances and the light fixtures, kitchens are an expression of the cooks who occupy them. With just a few simple additions, you can transform your kitchen into the fall meal center it is dying to be.

Kitchen = food, so let’s start there. Remember how we said pumpkin “anything” before? We meant it. Whip up some delicious pumpkin chip cookies and display them on Via Seven’s Swirl Enamel Serving Plate. These practical plates are great year-round and look great, long after the last cookie is eaten!

Pumpkin chip cookies

Let’s move to the table. Place mats are simple and add an easily-achieved element of style to any table. Depending on the decor of your kitchen and/or dining room, these can be a permanent fixture on your table for the entirety of the fall season. Pair them with a complementary table runner and candlesticks for an classically elegant look.

Living Room

Living rooms usually have their own decor and design theme that serves them well throughout the year. So, rather than redecorating the entire room for one season, simply add a few natural elements throughout the room give give it that fall feel.

This season, liven up your living room with an assortment of gourds. We really can’t get enough of them. Head to your local farmer’s market or grocery store and look for various decorative gourds. These small, colorful vegetables bring the outside in and look wonderful on coffee tables or sideboards.

Turkish_Cotton Throws from Via Seven

Fall is also the time of year when there is a bit of a bite in the air, so be sure to break out a few more throw blankets for the season! In our opinion, you can never have too many blankets. After all, when the family is gathered on the couch on a crisp evening, there’s nothing quite like cuddling under a blanket with a roaring fire, some popcorn, and a feel-good movie.

At Via Seven, we hope that these fresh fall tips give you some inspiration as the season changes before our eyes. Whatever you do, find the right balance that speaks to you, because no matter what, whenever you walk through the doors of your house, you’ll be walking to your home...where the soul breathes.

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