Since we opened our doors, our mission at Via Seven has been to bring our customers the finest 100% Turkish cotton peshtemals and practical homegoods available. Our hope is that other women and working moms read about what we’re doing and find inspiration to blaze their own trail. As mothers and businesswomen, it is also important to us that we nurture and create a space where the work we do empowers those women, children, craftswomen, and artisans who are amazingly talented but come from less than ideal circumstances. Our motto “Home...Where the Soul Breathes” is an homage to our love for travel, doing good, and finding things that make us feel at home, no matter what distant shores we may find ourselves on.

We set out to create a company that not only delivered the highest quality Turkish towels and chic homegoods, but one that is rooted in fostering positivity, health, serenity, and love, all of which inspire and drive us every day. Our initial focus on super soft and absorbent Turkish textiles gives us a laser focus not only for our business but also for our mission to empower women and children. That’s why we still hand-select and visit the small looming operations, many of which are made in the homes of our craftswomen.

By having direct contact with the artisans who create these beautiful textiles for our customers, we are connected, and can feel, the love and care they pour into each and every item they create. When you buy from Via Seven, you directly impact the lives of these women and their families. Their dedication to their craft and their families’ well-being is a constant inspiration, and we are proud that our products are made at fair trade wages. For our initial partners, we are excited to be working with Equality Now and Save the Children.

We didn’t just “land here,” though, and our story is just beginning. The Via Seven story is about two best friends, moms, and business women who wanted to build and foster a cause-based company that improves the lives of women throughout the world while providing unique, practical products for our customers.

When we tell our family and friends about our new venture, the first question they ask is, “How do you do it all?” This is a loaded question. The “it,” of course, refers to working a full-time job, being a full-time mom, full-time spouse, and full-time entrepreneur.

The short answer? Lots of coffee!

But in reality, we each take different approaches to time management. Our families are our priorities, but with the support of our loved ones, we have been able to spend a lot of our time and energy on building a successful, sustainable business that impacts the lives of people across the world.

Via Seven Mompreneurs

Something that we’ve learned early on is that you nurture your family and nurture your company. You don’t have to choose. Sure, there are some of tradeoffs, but there are a lot of similarities between nurturing a company and nurturing a family. The first thing that comes to mind is you’ve got to have a deep desire to see it through from start to finish.

Like many women out there, both of us have school-aged children, so flexibility is king. Our schedules during the school year are drastically different from our schedules in the summer. Because while the kids are at school, we have hours of uninterrupted focus time. This is a great opportunity to speak with customers, suppliers, and other partners. Its also when we can run to the post office and ship orders!

In the summer, it is useful for us to set “work hours” where, even when we’re at home, we are not to be disturbed. The kids have learned to pretend that I’m “at work” as if I were in an office downtown. Unless there is an emergency, these work hours are strict. But it also gives us the freedom to go to sports games or any of our other kids’ activities, which is incredibly fulfilling.

For us, being open and transparent with our spouses and kids and seeking their input into the schedule has been so important. Being open and honest from Day 1 has helped us as a family, and as a company, immensely.

Every day brings something different and challenging. We have had our ups and we’ve definitely had our share of downs over the last year. We don’t have everything figured out, but do you want to know a secret? No one has it all figured out! Knowing this makes it so much easier to just sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, review our To Do list, and get to work.